Every boy at FMS plays a team sport.

At 费什伯恩, athletics is about more than hanging banners (though we have our share of those). Like everything at 费什伯恩, it’s about discovering what you love, then going after it with everything you’ve got.

You can bring your energy 和 enthusiasm to 13 sports (four or five during each season). And whether you’re a newbie or a local military school athlete with college ambitions, you’ll get the same focus from our coaches. You’ll also feel the camaraderie, the 骄傲 和 the confidence that comes with competing against your peers—和 you’ll leave the competition with new skills 和 new brothers in arms.

Coach Contact Information

Fall 体育 @ 费什伯恩

费什伯恩 体育运动 is dedicated to teaching every student athlete not just how to win but how to win the right way—with honor, 骄傲, 和 self-respect.

  • Cross Country  
  • 足球  
  • 足球  

Winter 体育 @ 费什伯恩

From first-timers exploring a new interest to st和-out athletes striving to earn college scholarships, 费什伯恩’s Coaches work to help every student athlete reach his highest potential.

  • 游泳  
  • 篮球  
  • JV 篮球  
  • 步枪的团队  
  • 摔跤  

Spring 体育 @ 费什伯恩

Spring sports are about playing outside again—和 we make sure that every student athlete is ready to perform at his best 和 have fun doing it in a local military school environment.

  • 棒球  
  • 高尔夫球  
  • 长曲棍球  
  • Track & 场  

Virginia Independent Conference

The Virginia Independent Conference (VIC) charter members (Eastern Mennonite High School, 费什伯恩 Military School, Hargrave Military Academy, 圣十字, Lynchburg Christian Academy, North Cross School), realize the benefits for our students from uniting in our collective athletic goal while striving to promote 和 administer athletic competition that enhances the development of our students 和 the relationships of the member schools.


Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association

Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association (VISAA) was founded in 1997 as an organization that would unify Independent school athletics 和 provide quality championship events to member schools throughout the state of Virginia. It is a home for amazing student-athletes 和 has grown to over 90 member schools.